A single page for Google Search content rules is now available

The source – support.google.com

Google developers created a page that collected all the requirements for visual and textual content in Search.

So, the following content is subject to blocking:

  • personal information;
  • spam;
  • related to the exploitation of children and the portrayal of minors in a sexual context;
  • removed at the request of webmasters and site owners;
  • for which formal deletion requests have been received concerning ethics, politics or religion.

It is also worth noting that Google search functions must not contain the following content:

  • advertising of goods and services and marketing materials;
  • calling to harm people or animals;
  • misleading users for the purpose of deceiving;
  • containing harassment, bullying and threats;
  • inciting violence; encouraging hatred against individuals or groups;
  • images, audio and video materials created for the purpose of deceiving and misleading;
  • contradicting evidence-based science and medicine;
  • to promote goods and services limited in circulation;
  • of a sexual nature;
  • of a terrorist nature;
  • with scenes of violence and cruelty;
  • with insults and obscene language.

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