A selection of top search news for December 2021 from Google is ready!

The source – youtube.com 

Here's a quick digest of the big news:

  1. The company has moved all of its search documentation to the new Google Search Central site, called Google Search Central. The resource is one year old. 
  2. The updated search documentation includes an interactive SEO checklist.
  3. There have been two major updates to Google's ranking algorithms: 
  • November – November 2021 Core Update; 
  • December  – December 2021 Product Reviews Update.
  1. The company has a list of tips for when it's necessary to temporarily disable a site to make changes due to a Log4j vulnerability.
  2. HTTP Archive Web Almanac 2021 was released.
  3. Search Console got redesigned and redirected error notifications.
  4. The move to mobile-first indexing without a clear deadline continues.

But it's better to see the video itself!


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