Opendatabot and Netpeak have created a list of Russian software

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Opendatabot collected a list of software of Russian origin and unrecognized republics. In particular, these are the DMR, the IDRL, and Abkhazia, which are used in Ukraine. Now there are 44 products that are actively used by Ukrainian business. 

With the help of the experts of the Internet marketing agency Netpeak a list of Ukrainian and world companies that can safely replace Russian-made PP was collected.

Risks of using Russian-origin PP in the work of the company: 

  • cooperation and payment for the services of the aggressor company; 
  • The risk of loss of information important for business; 
  • risk of ending up in a situation where the data is received by the aggressor.

Full list of programs and services, as well as their alternatives can be found here.


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