The block “About this result” has been updated – now you can see the reasons for the result in the search results

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Now it will become clear why Google picked a specific result in the SERP. In the "About this result" block, which is easy to find where the three menu points are located next to each search result, the user will see several reasons why Google displays this particular result in the search results.

Some of the factors displayed are:

  1. Keyword matching. An important factor is when the page contains the same keywords as the search.
  2. Related terms. Google is also looking for terms that may be related to the words in the query.
  3. Link View: A page can be relevant to search when other pages link to it using words similar to the query.
  4. Local relevance: The systems take into account the search language, country and location of the user. The goal is to provide content that is relevant to a specific region.

The block also contains tips on how to refine the request if the proposed links are irrelevant.


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