Facebook Messenger has been updated with options for secure chats and end-to-end encryption

The source – messengernews.fb.com  

The end-to-end encryption feature tested last year is now available to all users. It can be used for group chats, as well as for audio and video calls. 

The list of features for secure chats has also been updated:

  1. Messenger will notify you when someone tries to take a screenshot of a disappearing message in a chat.

2. To reply to a specific message in a secure chat, you need to tap and hold or swipe the message. In the same way it can be forwarded. 

3. Now GIFs, stickers, reactions and replies will be available in chats. And to "hear" a message, you need to tap it twice.

4. An indicator of a set of messages will appear.

5. You can save a video or picture from the chat by tapping and holding it.

6. When sending photos and videos from the gallery, you can now crop them, add stickers and text, and change them in other ways.


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