Ways to hide a site from Google

The source – youtube.com 

Now there are three ways to hide a site from search results:  

1. Using a password

A password ensures that neither search engines nor random internet users can see the content. It allows you to deny Google access to a site that is not yet ready to be seen.

2. Robots.txt crawl blocking

By disabling Googlebot crawling with a robots.txt file, users can access the site via a direct link. Search engines have less chance of doing this without accessing the content.

3. Indexing blocking

To prevent search engines from indexing the site, you need to add the noindex meta tag to pages. In this case, users can still see the page.

Thus, according to Mueller, password protection is recommended for sensitive content. It is necessary to block crawling or indexing so that certain parts of the site do not appear in searches.


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