New ways for Google to measure ad, app and website performance

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New ways to measure ad, app and site performance that Google Ads has announced will keep measurements accurate in the face of declining cookie use and consent regimes.

Google will allow you to change and customize tags according to user preferences right in Google Tag Manager. This will make it easier to integrate the site with consent mode and allow you to track conversions for advertisers who have opt-in mode enabled. While he works in the European Economic Area and the UK.

In addition, advanced conversions will be added. They allow tags to use consistent advertiser own data. This is necessary in order to find out more precisely about conversions after interacting with ads. It will be possible to track the data needed to obtain performance information and get aggregated anonymous conversion reports. In this case, the personal data of users is hashed.

Google will also begin to apply machine learning to behavioral reporting in the new Analytics.

The company's representatives will talk in detail about the new methods in a live broadcast of Google Marketing Livestream on May 27.


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