New in Data Studio: Template for Google Analytics Data Visualization

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This report was created for data visualization with Universal Analytics, but the template does not replace the interface itself, but only complements it. After all, UA has reports and features that Data Studio does not have: for example, multichannel conversions, user journey map, cohort analysis, segment comparison, and others.

All template pages contain a calendar, filters and the ability to select Universal Analytics resources available on your Google account. The calendar and UA connector work at the report level – data specified on a single page is used across all pages in the template. By default, all pages have a data range for the current year.

Google Data Studio consists of two versions according to the performance assessment:

The difference between them is that in the second version, all metrics by goals are replaced with metrics by transactions.

Otherwise, they are different.

In addition, it is worth noting that in the Goal Value metric in the template, the euro currency is selected – in order to display a different currency in the report, you need to select the default one in the Universal Analytics view.

More detailed instructions on using the template can be found in the video.


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