The new interface of Instagram caused discontent of the stars

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Lifestyle blogger Kylie Jenner released a very critical manifesto on Twitter. Other celebrities saw the new Instagram design and were also very unhappy with it, because:

  • the music turns on automatically and rehearses (and it is not easy to turn it off);
  • the interface is now very similar to TikTok;
  • almost all content is retweets from strangers;
  • now much more advertising;
  • normal posts from your real friends will not show in the feed after the update.

Kylie Jenner wrote: “Make Instagram Instagram Again. Stop trying to be Tiktok. I just want to see cute photos from my friends".

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, responded that people like videos more than photos, which is why there are so many videos. And the strangers in the feed are aspiring creators whom they help gain exposure. However, his reaction is not very convincing, and there is no longer a social network for vacation photos.


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