New tools for advertising: announcement on the Google blog

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The Google blog announced new advertising tools. In particular, it is:

1. Voiceover

According to Google, the voiceover increases the effectiveness of the ad. That's why the company added a feature that allows you to customize the voiceover: it uses speech-to-text technology.

7 voices available for English and common voice for Filipino, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Chinese, Spanish and Swedish.

2. Video ads for YouTube

Templates in Ads Creative Studio help advertisers quickly create video ads for YouTube.

The template can be filled with company colors, logo, images and text. Then, in the settings, select a music track from the Google audio library.

3. Library of objects

Google has added a library where colleagues can upload, download and share assets from current and past campaigns. The object library is currently available for Performance Max, Discovery, App, Local and Display.

When a team member wants to create or edit a new campaign, he needs to go to the library and click on the relevant objects.


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