New help attributes in Google Business Profiles

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Google Business Profiles introduces a new business attribute in a new category. Its name is "Emergency help". So you can specify:

  • whether your company or organization accepts donations;
  • whether it hires refugees;
  • whether it needs volunteers;
  • whether it offers free products or services.

Here is a screenshot taken from Crystal Teing on Twitter with new attributes:

You can access these new attributes by logging in to your Google Business Profile account. First, click the "Information" tab, then scroll down to edit your "Attributes". Next, click on the pencil icon to open the available attributes for your business.

According to Ben Fischer, this applies only to Ukraine and the surrounding regions, he shared this background document from Google.
This week, Google also unveiled new attributes for Google hotel search hotel lists to determine if they have toll-free or discounted numbers for immigrants from Ukraine.


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