The YouTube Analytics mobile app has expanded the amount of data available

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New reports appeared in the Revenue tab:

  1. Estimated Income by Month. Here you can see how much the author earned during the last 30 days. The data for the previous periods is also available.
  2. Income from transactions. This report shows how much you've earned from sponsorships, super chats, and super stickers.
  3. The Overview tab has a report on traffic sources.

Authors also got a new way to appeal an expulsion from the affiliate program – in video format. Now if the author doesn't agree with the service's decision, he can shoot a video explaining why he thinks it's unfair. YouTube staff will check the channel, and if there was indeed a mistake, monetization will be enabled on it again.

For now, this feature is in beta-testing mode, but YouTube plans to expand access to it in the near future.


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