Signal messenger will get Stories support

The source –

Portal found a large number of lines of code related to the "stories" function in the apk file of the latest Signal version.

We can assume that the implementation of "stories" will be as similar as possible to what it looks like in Snapchat and Instagram:

  • users will be able to choose between two types of "stories" – group (visible to everyone) or private (visible only to a select few, similar to "close friends" in Instagram);
  • for "stories" will be available reactions in the form of emoji and the ability to respond to them in text (can be disabled in the settings);
  • "Stories will be available for 24 hours;
  • in the "stories" you can insert text or a link to the site;
  • there will be an opportunity to see how many people have viewed the "story", to hide individual "stories" from specific people;
  • "Stories" can be completely disabled.

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