Merchant Center added short product names

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Google Merchant Center has launched a new attribute [short_title]. Translated as "short title". The parameter will allow you to specify a capacious and precise definition of the product.

The value of this attribute, unlike the value of the [title] attribute, will only be used in some types of advertising:

  • in Discovery campaigns;
  • Gmail product listings.

The minimum requirements you need to meet in order to display the product:

  1. A short title that describes the product exactly.
  2. The most important characteristics of the product in the name. 
  3. Literacy and brevity.
  4. Professional vocabulary, but not foreign words.
  5. Foreign characters, extra spaces and capital letters – delete.

Recommendations for optimizing product information:

  • reduce names to 65 characters; 
  • include the most important features at the beginning of the name; 
  • add the name of the brand if it influences the purchase of the product.
Short product names from Merchant Center

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