Google Chrome’s ad policies and ad blockers are changing

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The company plans to move to a new platform for developers, Manifest v3. This will entail changes in Google Chrome's ad policies and ad blockers. Technical requirements will change as well. 

Developers will have to switch from the old webRequest API to the new declarativeNetRequest API, which will perform all network requests directly from Chrome. 

Blocking all unwanted actions by extensions on behalf of the user will become easier: 

  1. The new interface will limit the number of filters in ad blockers. 
  2. Developers will not be able to use their algorithms.

Google Chrome managers said that extensions running on Manifest v2 will no longer be accepted in the Chrome Web Store as early as January 17, 2022. Support for Manifest v2 extensions will be completely removed from Chrome in January 2023.

The main goals of this innovation are to keep ad revenue flowing to the Google Chrome browser for average users. For enterprise customers, the option to use full-fledged ad blocking will remain.


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