The YouTube team analyzed the most relevant content of 2021

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YouTube culture and trend researchers analyzed the most popular videos from creators around the world. They identified three themes that attracted particular attention from viewers in 2021:

  • a sense of belonging; 
  • anti-stress content; 
  • creativity.

These themes not only reflect the world situation, but also allow us to understand consumers.

A sense of belonging 

It's about games. In 2021, game content in the format of live broadcasts and regular videos has become another way for authors and viewers to interact. By the end of the year, the number of video game fans could reach 2.9 billion, and the gaming industry has a turnover of $175 billion.

Funny videos as a stress reliever

In the list of the most popular videos for this year are popular new versions of videos already liked by users from different countries. In addition, users are also watching just funny videos. 

Short videos are a new format for interaction

Short videos have become an equally valuable format for authors who want to share new stories. Content in the YouTube Shorts format offers viewers a new and unusual experience.

According to the service, this is important to note: New trends are not immediate trends, but important metrics that help strengthen the connection with the audience and address viewers in their language.


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