Google TrueView for Action campaigns are converting to Video Action

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Google Ads will soon automatically convert existing TrueView for Action campaigns to Video Action.

According to Google experts, this format allows you to get more conversions at a better price, including features of TrueView for Action campaigns. However, there is a difference - it covers more potential customers in one campaign, where they most often interact with ads. This applies to both the YouTube platform and places outside of it.

Prior to this change, advertisers may:

  1. Create Video Action campaigns. For any of them, all available networks, such as YouTube's main feed and Google's partner video resources, will be automatically enabled.
  2. Copy existing TrueView for Action campaigns and convert them to the new format. Copy existing ad groups and paste them into your campaign.
  3. Modify existing TrueView for Action campaigns. But when they're suspended, you'll need to create new Video Action campaigns.

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