Google’s targeting policy for smartphone ads will change

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Creating the Privacy Sandbox initiative for Android users meets Google's goals to:

  • enhance protection of their personal data;
  • work with advertisers and developers to find new tools, preserving users' privacy; 
  • fight covert tracking. 

What's important to know about this:

  1. As part of this project, the transfer of Android users' personal data to third parties will be limited. 
  2. Advertising solutions will work without identifiers for apps, including advertising.
  3. The initiative will limit the amount of user data shared with third parties.

The company plans to release a developer preview and beta version of Privacy Sandbox in 2022. In addition, it will continue to support existing advertising mechanisms on mobile devices for at least two years.

Project Privacy Sandbox Google officially introduced in January 2021. The team is working on new targeting and ad performance measurement technologies to use in a "cookie-free world”.


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