Instagram: redesign, multilink and UX changes

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Instagram will drastically change its UX, and now it will look like the luxe version of TikTok. The picture will take up almost the entire screen. All that's left is a small "bangs" at the top and a panel at the bottom. Stories will disappear, and the post text will be written in small unreadable letters on top of the image. The new format will display not only videos, but also regular photo posts. 

The update will start rolling out to users within the next month.

Instagram also updated the icon for the first time in six years, increasing the saturation to acid lilac. The design of the storiеs stickers has changed more - also a screaming purple plus new fonts with icons. The fuchsia color has seeped into the bezels of the storiеs, too.

In addition, the social network introduces the ability to add 7 or more links of any kind to your profile. A whole class of internet services ala Linktree and Taplink will die out, because you won't need to make micro-links anymore. The "profile cap" will become much roomier.


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