Instagram shared the main ranking factors for posts, Reels and Stories

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Instagram shared a summary of the factors that affect the ranking of posts, stories and Reels in each user's feed. 

The goal is to help users take them into account when creating content.

For example, ranking factors that are important for posts in the feed and stories are:

  • publication information: how many users marked it as their favorite, when the post was published, duration (if it's a video), what place is listed, etc.)
  • information about the author of the post;
  • user activity – the service takes into account what posts he has marked as liked;
  • the user's interaction history with someone – this shows how interested the user may be in another person's content.

As for the ranking factors for Reels, they have their own algorithm. The priorities here are:

  • user activity: which Reels the user recently marked as liked, which videos the user reacted to and commented on;
  • history of interaction with the author of Reels;
  • information about the video – popularity, soundtrack, pixel-based and whole-frame understanding of the video;
  • information about the author of the video – Instagram tries to give everyone a chance to find their audience.

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