Google bans certain themes from YouTube’s Masthead

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Reports are emerging that YouTube is banning advertisements for certain areas on the coveted Masthead.

The YouTube Masthead block is an advertisement that appears at the top of the YouTube homepage. The Masthead banner allows you to present your brand, product or service in a native video ad format on any device. It is optimally suited for the following tasks:

  • ensuring wide coverage and increasing awareness;
  • planning purchases;
  • advertisements in a prominent position – in the YouTube homepage feed.

Accordingly, the Masthead block is subject to stricter ad placement policies.

The following areas are currently covered:

  1. Sale of alcohol.
  2. Gambling.
  3. Prescription drugs.
  4. Electoral and political advertising.

Buying a Masthead ad means targeting your campaign with budget and frequency control. Purchased masthead ads are available on YouTube for PC, mobile and YouTube TV apps.

Advertisements targeting Masthead YouTube must be approved at least 48 hours in advance. Future ad units must be approved by a Google Sales Representative 48 hours before they run.


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