Google Workspace has made it easier to view users who have been deleted

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Google Workspace customers with fewer than 100 active users will now be able to see recently deleted users from the organization. The information will appear on the "Users" card, on the home page of the admin console.

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In addition, administrators of all organizations will now be able to see recently deleted users. To do this, select the corresponding item in the "More" menu in the "Users" section.

Why the emphasis on the word "recently deleted"? The reason is that Google Workspace rules allow you to restore a user's account only within 20 days after deletion. After 20 days, the data will be permanently erased. They cannot be restored even with the help of Google Workspace support service.

Thus, the information will now be available faster, and administrators will be able to restore deleted accounts more quickly if necessary.

The new feature is available by default for all Google Workspace clients, including G Suite Basic and Business clients.


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