Google has released version 10.1 of the Google Ads API

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Google has released version 10.1 of the Google Ads API. The company promises to provide updated libraries and code samples next week.

New in the version:

  1. Discovery Campaigns Support.

Discovery campaigns can now be created and updated using CampaignService, and their attributes and performance metrics can be obtained through GoogleAdsService.Search and GoogleAdsService.SearchStream.

  1. Support for campaign groups

You can create and update campaign groups with CampaignGroupService and get their attributes and performance metrics with GoogleAdsService.Search and GoogleAdsService.SearchStream.

  1. Accessing Local Service Campaigns 

Local services campaigns allow you to advertise your business on Google and get leads from potential customers. In version 10.0 Google restricted support for campaigns, in 10.1 they became publicly available.

  1. Deleting batch jobs in PENDING

Added support for deleting batch jobs in the PENDING state.

  1. Segmenting SKAdNetwork by credit

The new version allows you to segment SKAdNetwork conversions by attribution credit if it is available in the postback sent by Apple.

  1. ConversionTrackingSetting.google_ads_conversion_customer

Added the ConversionTrackingSetting.google_ads_conversion_customer field. It helps determine which Google Ads account is managing account conversions.

  1. New asset types
  • Dynamic real estate assets.
  • Dynamic Custom Resources.
  • Dynamic Hotels And Rentals assets.
  • Dynamic Flights assets.
  • Dynamic Travel assets.
  • Dynamic Local Assets.
  • Dynamic Jobs assets.

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