Google released AdSense Management API version 2.0

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Google has released the second version of the AdSense Management API. It became available on April 19.
The new version has the ability to find out the status of sites in your AdSense account. In addition, the updated version of the AdSense Management API has been brought in line with the current Google API standards.

List of changes in version 2.0:

  1. Removed all deprecated resource methods for which no Adsense account is specified from v1.4.
  2. Resources are now identified by the name field. For example, the name of AdClient will look like this: accounts / {accountId} / adclients / {adClientId}.
  3. AdSense Management API reporting data is now consistent with the AdSense UI - AdMob and YouTube properties are no longer supported. If you want to continue getting data from AdMob programmatically, you can go to the AdMob API. The Adsense Management API only supports reporting data for 3 years.

The current version of API 1.4 has been deprecated and will no longer be supported from October 12, 2021. For a complete list of changes, see the release notes.


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