Google has released the Ads API v10

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A new version of Google's Ads API, v10, has been released. Developers are advised to switch from AdWords API to Google Ads API as soon as possible, because the former will be made obsolete on April 27, 2022. 

To access the new features, developers will need to update the client libraries and client code, which will become available next week.

Major changes to the Google Ads API v10:

  1. Smart campaigns are out of beta and publicly available.
  2. Performance Max campaigns now support object group signals.
  3. Support for local service ads is now available in open beta mode.
  4. Added Audience resource, which can be used as a criterion type.
  5. There is a new ExperimentService, which replaces legacy experiments in campaigns.
  6. A new omit_unselected_resource_names metaparameter was created. It can be used to make GoogleAdsService return only resource name fields that are queried via the SELECT statement in the query.


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