Google Play will allow developers to use third-party payment solutions

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Google Play is reducing the fee by 3% for developers of non-game applications that switch to competing payment systems.

Currently, the commission reduction applies only to payments from European users. However, the company's employees said that the ability to use third-party payment solutions will eventually be extended to game applications.

For Google, this step is preparation for the entry into force of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), developed by the European Commission back in March 2020. At the beginning of July, the law was officially adopted by the European Parliament. Now it remains only for the European Council to adopt it. It is scheduled to enter into force in the fall of 2022.

Here is a list of requirements that the law will oblige large IT companies like Google to comply with:

  • allow users to install programs from third-party stores and third-party downloads directly from the Internet;
  • allow developers to use third-party payment systems in applications;
  • allow developers to integrate their applications into company platforms. For example, a messenger or service for voice and video calls;
  • give developers access to any smartphone hardware features, such as NFC;
  • allow users to remove all installed programs and install any third-party services instead of the standard ones.

Otherwise, they face fines of up to 10% of global turnover and up to 20% for repeated violations.


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