Google answered questions about domains and their impact on websites’ performance in search

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In a new video in the #AskGooglebot series, John Mueller answered questions on behalf of the company about domains and their impact on searches. Here's a quick Q&A list.

Are .com domains more preferred by Google? And is it acceptable to use newer extensions like .space?

Of course it's acceptable. From an SEO perspective, newer top-level domains are equivalent to other TLDs such as .com. So you can choose what you like. There are a lot of different options right now.

Which version is better: with or without a www?

You can use whichever you prefer. Google systems doesn't have a preference for either. There are technical reasons to go one way or the other, but more often it is a matter of your personal preference.

Is it possible to use rel=canonical on different TLDs? For example, for gTLD and ccTLD?

You can. The rel=canonical attribute is not limited to the same domain name.

Can I use a ccTLD for a global site?

Yes, you can. Although a country code domain name helps Google systems geo-target to that country, it still provides global visibility. The only limitation is that you can't specify other countries for geotargeting. So, if you have a site with the .fr extension for France, you can use it globally. But you won't be able to set up geo-targeting for users in Brazil.


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