Google updated collaboration tools in Workspace

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Google is adding new AI-powered features to Docs and Tables. Many of the changes affect the Google Docs text editor.

  1. An automatic table of contents with a summary of the main points has appeared. It is located in the panel on the left, available for editing and makes it easier to navigate through the document.
  2. Pageless mode: now you can delete page boundaries, so the document will occupy all the screen space. It will be easier to work on it, and you can return it to normal mode for printing.
  3. Interactive blocks:
  • email drafts – exports text into an email with the fields filled in;
  • menu "@" – makes it easier to insert images, tables and templates;
  • Google Maps link previews – can be viewed directly in Docs;
  • Calendar meeting notes template – imports information from a meeting invitation;
  • hints on correcting formulas in Tables – the option identifies formulas with errors.

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