Google announced the launch of its updated Search Ads 360 platform

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The Search Ads 360 platform, which Google has launched, will allow advertisers to automatically place search ads across multiple engines – Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, etc. The version will have support for Performance Max and Discovery campaigns, Microsoft Advertising and Yahoo! Japan.

What's new

  1. The interface of the platform is simpler and more user-friendly. It has become reminiscent of the Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising offices.
  2. Added support for more search engine functions and ad campaign types.
  3. There are new opportunities for centralizing and scaling daily tasks across different systems and accounts. The automatic campaign building functions (tool management and ad builder) have been merged into one called Templates.
  4. Performance Center, an enhanced version of the budgeting feature, will be available soon. It's scheduled to launch later this year.
Google announced the launch of its updated Search Ads 360 platform

Also, the Search Ads 360 platform:

  • processes more data than before, without exceeding user wait times;
  • can provide operational support for managing most of the new Google Ads features, like Performance Max and Discovery campaigns.

The platform allows you to focus most of your work in one place and switch less between advertising platforms.

Google will also continue to add additional features and improve channel support. Search Ads 360 users will have access to an updated version of the platform in the next few months. 


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