Google Ads eliminated the need to manually set up diplinks in campaigns

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In campaigns that focus on audience interaction with mobile apps, advertisers can now automatically direct users from ads to the app homepage. 

This option is only available for campaigns promoting Android apps. You can take advantage of it when creating an ad group by selecting "Set to app homepage" in the "Enter a deep link" field.

This change is designed to make it easier for advertisers to set up campaigns. Now they won't need the help of developers to create and implement diplinks.

Ads for such campaigns can be shown in: 

  • Google Search; 
  • Google Play; 
  • on YouTube; 
  • in applications that are part of the Contextual Media Network.

Engagement-oriented campaigns help advertisers remind users who have installed the app and encourage them to take action. They increase user retention rates and app revenue over the long term by increasing the number of active users, increasing sales and reducing user churn.


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