Google Ads has added new features to configure Performance Max

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Several new features Google Ads has introduced for Performance Max campaigns:

  • optimization indicator;
  • seasonal adjustments;
  • data exclusion;
  • interpretations and advanced geotargeting.

In the future, the Google Ads team plans to expand the set of recommendations for Performance Max.

The optimization metric works for Performance Max campaigns just as it does for other types of advertising on Google. It shows the effectiveness of the setup, accompanying its assessment with recommendations.

Seasonal adjustments are useful for promotions and sales. If algorithms are alerted to expected changes in demand, AI will work more efficiently. Typical seasonal fluctuations are already taken into account in intelligent bidding. Google Ads recommends adjusting bids for periods between 1 and 7 days.

Data exceptions allow you to tell algorithms which dates do not need to be considered for optimization. This is useful when there are problems during the campaign that affect the results. For example, the site was not working well or the conversion tracking tag was not configured correctly.

Advanced geotargeting settings allow you to allow and block the display of ads to the user based on location:

  • where he is likely to be or which he often visits;
  • which he shows interest.

Interpretations are explanations from Google Ads that determine the factors that affected the performance of the ad. Interpretations for Performance Max campaigns with a product feed will also show statistics on the most popular products/services and their categories and changes in their popularity.

Google Ads has added new features to configure Performance Max

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