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From August 3, 2021, advertisers will be able to use Google Ads to advertise cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. To run ads, advertisers' products and services must meet the requirements and be certified by Google. For now, this feature will only be available in the United States.

Requirements for obtaining certification:

  1. Be duly registered:

a) in FinCEN as a money transfer service company and in at least one state as a money transfer service company;

b) or as a bank with a federal or state license.

  1. Comply with state and federal legal requirements, including local ones.
  2. Make sure your ads and landing pages adhere to the Google Ads guidelines.

Advertisers are required to complete the new Google certification for cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets by filling out a form that will become available on July 8, 2021. All previous certificates of cryptocurrency exchanges will be revoked on August 3, 2021.

Google Ads will continue to ban advertising:

  • ICO;
  • cryptocurrency loans;
  • primary offers of decentralized exchanges;
  • pools of token liquidity;
  • promotion of cryptocurrency by celebrities;
  • out-of-hosting wallets;
  • unregulated decentralized applications.

In addition, there will remain a ban on advertising landing pages that provide summary data or benchmarking for cryptocurrencies or related products.


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