Google Ads will give access to Customer Match to bona fide advertisers

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Google Ads announced that starting in the fall of 2021, advertisers who did not violate the rules of the service and meet the requirements of the system will be able to use Customer Match (email lists) in watch mode.

You can use this feature to track the effectiveness of targeting manually selected placements, topics, or audiences. You don't need to stop the campaign to do this. But advertisers won't adjust bids or remove users from their contacts.

Subject to eligibility, advertisers will be able to use additional options such as Targeting and bid adjustments.

To use email lists you need:

  • a good track record of adhering to rules and payments for advertising services;
  • at least 90 days of using Google Ads;
  • the total amount of expenses during the existence of the account is not less than $50,000.

For personalized ads on Google Search, Shopping, Gmail, and YouTube, our own and third-party privacy policies apply.

There are also additional requirements. So, it is forbidden:

  1. Show ads that collect personally identifiable information, except for Gmail ads with HTML forms.
  2. Disseminate information about any customer under the age of 13.
  3. Create advertising content that implies knowledge of personal information or confidential information about your customers.
  4. Use a list of clients targeting an audience that is too narrow or specific.
  5. Advertise sensitive information products, such as pharmaceuticals, in an email list campaign.
  6. Show any ads that are prohibited by Google Ads rules.

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