Galina Bakusheva, the author of the telegram channel “SEOshnitsa”, left two title projects in Runet

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Galina Bakusheva, the author of the well-known telegram channel SEOshnitsa, left two of her title projects in Runet. In the last post, she mentioned that she is no longer the ambassador of BetBum and Eurostavka:

"Most likely I will not work anymore in betting and gambling in Runet, because both of these partings are very painful to realize and accept. I consider these projects to be successful in terms of SEO. I have not seen such indicators on any project in the niche for such a period of time, who promotes honestly and efficiently. Further, they will have everything only as a plus, because there are super cool pros and super cool people behind the wheel. I know my disadvantages, but it is too late to change them now, they are either accepted or not. I am very sorry. I'm very sorry "– wrote Galina.


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