Facebook released Platform SDK v12.0 for ad optimization

The source – developers.facebook.com

Facebook SDK (Facebook Software Development Kit) is a software development kit. It allows you to: 

  • integrate an app with Facebook; 
  • show ads to Facebook users who are most likely to perform the desired actions in the app; 
  • track and measure those actions.

The new SDK supports Graph API v12.0 and Marketing API v12.0, and the iOS version adds XCFrameworks.

The new version allows advertisers to extend detailed targeting and more effectively optimize ad impressions for conversions, value and in-app events when selecting a "Conversions" target.

In the iOS version, Swift Package Manager (SPM) no longer creates an SDK from source code. Instead, it provides pre-built XCFrameworks attached to the corresponding GitHub release. This will reduce the time it takes to build applications that include the SDK.


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