Facebook has changed ad tools due to the release of the new iOS

The source – facebook.com

The innovations will affect advertising campaigns launched by application developers.

In a blog post, Facebook announced changes to its advertising tools. The innovations are associated with the launch of iOS 14.5, the release of which was announced by Apple on April 26. Apps in the App Store must now get permission from users to track their data on third-party sites for advertising purposes. This will create restrictions for companies that advertise their apps on Facebook.

The social network will begin to use protocols that limit the tracking of user data. They will still allow you to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, but with some limitations.

In addition, developers now have to promote from a single account and will be limited to 9 campaigns per app. If the advertiser uses events, he can create no more than 8 campaigns for each of his domains.

Facebook is also exploring the possibility of localizing personal data on audience devices.


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