Two new Google documents with title and description rules

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Google has published two additional documents to help you compose your title and description: 

  1. Control your title links in search results – a document about title.
  2. Control your snippets in search results – document about description.

What you absolutely must pay attention to! 

For title:

1. The presence of each page of the site Title, which is spelled out in the tag <title>.

2 The absence of vague descriptions of pages in Title (Home Page, Profile) and too long descriptions – they will be cut off.

3) Absence of overpopulated with keys, repetitive or formulaic text.

5. Adding the name of the brand in Title at the beginning or at the end. It should be separated by a dash, colon or vertical line.

6. Caution in banning crawl pages. Using robots.txt may prevent crawling, but does not always prevent indexing. To prevent a URL from being indexed, you can use the noindex directive.

For description:

1. Google can show different snippets for different queries.

2. Site owners can suggest content for snippets by using microarray and correctly filling in the description meta tag.

3. Google does not always use text for the description in the snippet from <meta name="description">. 

There are no limitations on the quantity of text in the description. But it can be cut off in the search results as necessary, usually because of the width of the device.

You can read more about this in the original link and in the above-mentioned documents.


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