Added Google documentation on translated search results

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The «Translated results» guide explains that Google can automatically translate search snippets from their source language to the language of the search results page.

"Translated results" is a Google Search feature that allows users to view results from other languages in their own language. It can help publishers reach a wider audience. The feature now works for hard-to-reach languages: Indonesian, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. 

The option has been launched in mobile search and is available in all browsers that support Google search. You can opt out of this feature by using the notranslate attribute for the robots meta tag.

The second document, «Enabling your ad network to work with translation-related Google Search features», talks about having not only text but also ads translated when pages are viewed through Google Translate. There are many technical aspects to the text.

For now, both documents are only available in English.


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