Dmitry Bondar gave an interview about Boosta, SEO tasks and the Ukrainian IT market

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Over the weekend, Dmitry Bondar, co-founder and CEO of the IT company Boosta, gave an hour and a half interview to Ivan Paliy's youtube channel. In it, he told what goals he sets for the company for 5 years, why he regrets that he did not leave the university six months after starting his studies, and about many other things.

We raised the following issues:

– Could you outline the main features where you and your partners want to bring the company?

– I am now more occupied with the educational topic. I would like to learn how to teach people faster than universities, and no less qualitatively.

– About ethics in Boosta. Is there a list of niches for which you have decided that we do not promote sites in this niche, and we do not use these methods for promotion?

– We do not have any list of niches. I personally always like to create something. Therefore, even in working with competitors, I am against the energy that is aimed at destruction. If you have a professional skill, and it is in demand in the market, then in principle you should not have any problems.

– Do you encourage competition between the tops? In what form does it take place?

– I generally encourage competition, but I explain it a little differently. I set everyone up for competition of a more global nature. We must learn to compete with the big players worldwide.

The full interview is below.


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