Jooble created channels in Viber and Telegram for employment during the war 

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Ukrainian job search site Jooble has created channels with vacancies for job seekers in Viber and Telegram. Those who have signed up will be able to constantly receive lists of the latest offers of work with a breakdown by city of Ukraine and with an indication of the salary specified in these vacancies.

For even more effective job search among the available Telegram and Viber channels, there are fixed posts with hashtags of different cities. The channels also publish vacancies in Europe for those who were forced to leave Ukraine due to the war.

In addition, Jooble has created a separate resource for the employment of Ukrainian refugees in Western Europe: On this site:

  • collected all current vacancies for Ukrainians in European countries;
  • there are recommendations for creating a resume and a safe job search;
  • collected a list of documents required for employment in European countries.

Work during the war in Telegram: 

Work during the war in Viber:

"In this difficult time for all Ukrainians, it is important not to give up and find the strength to fight. While our heroes of the Armed Forces are fighting on the front line, we must be the driving force of the rear and not stop working – for ourselves, for the family, for Ukraine, "– say in Jooble.


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