Disaproved Ads Editor – a tool for auditing rejected ads

The source – developers.googleblog.com

Google Ads released the "Rejected Ads Auditor" tool it announced in October. At the time, it was called the Bowling Tool because of its new alert system. Now the mechanism of its operation is explained in detail.

So, the tool is especially useful for advertisers with large accounts – it allows you to find and delete rejected ads in their Google Ads accounts. It makes it easier to check your accounts.

Auditor features:

  • collects data on violations in one place, making it easier to analyze them and help avoid new violations; 
  • allows you to analyze and mass delete rejected ads.

The tool works based on a Python script in two modes:

  1. Audit. Exports data about rejected ads from Google Ads accounts.
  2. Audit and Delete. Deletes all rejected ads and exports information about them using the BigQuery data saving option.

The product is not considered officially supported by Google.


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