Direct has updated the certification process for agencies

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Here are the updates:

  1. Instead of two blocks for assessing the quality of work, there are now five:
  • "General";
  • "Search";
  • "Networks";
  • "Retargeting";
  • "Mobile".
  1. There are now minimum thresholds for key indicators in the "Search", "Networks" and "General" blocks. These thresholds should help to assess the quality of the agency's work. And to obtain partner status, you need to achieve all three of the above, in addition to the general certification threshold.
  2. Updated Display Ads test to include questions about new products and tools.
  3. In addition, the KPI scale has become continuous and each useful action in ads and campaigns is worth 1 point.

The certification gives agencies the opportunity to test new capabilities of Yandex advertising tools that are not yet available to mass users.


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