Devaka: “The world is moving to AVIF”

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The author of the Devaka Talk – Белое SEO Sergey Koksharov, known among SEOs as Devaka, published a post in which he shared his opinion on the AVIF image format.

He voiced such advantages of the format as:

  • support for transparency;
  • HDR;
  • wide range of colors;
  • lossless compression;
  • and etc.

“I think AVIF will be a trend for 21-22 years, when webmasters will more actively begin to deal with Core Web Vitals, and browsers will more actively support the new format” – Devaka emphasized.

AVIF weighs 2 times less than JPEG and 20% less than WebP. Its main advantage is the speed of compression, which is good for archiving, but not particularly necessary for the web. It is supported in Chrome, Opera, and Firefox (but not by default here yet). Also by the end of this year will be supported in PHP 8.1.

Unlike WebP, AVIF was immediately taken up by large companies: Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Apple. The main competitor of the format is JpenXL, but it is not yet supported by browsers.


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