Centimani is a tool for uploading massive product lists to Merchant Center

The source – github.com 

The Google team launched a new tool to make it easier to upload massive item lists to Merchant Center. It avoids API overloads.

Centimani is a customizable large-file processor. What it can do: 

  • split text files into chunks; 
  • process them according to a strategic template; 
  • save the results in BigQuery for reporting.

In its basic version, Centimani has two basic functions:

  1. Uploading offline conversions to Google Ads using the Google Ads API;
  2. Uploading products to the Merchant Center using the Content API.

If a merchant is advised to stop using feeds and start using the Content API due to scaling issues, it means that the number of items is huge and Centimani becomes critical for this particular case.


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