Target CPC and Target ROI will be combined with other Google Smart Bidding strategies

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Google announced that smart bidding Target Cost Per Conversion (tCPA) and Target Return on Advertising (tROAS) smart bidding strategies will be combined with Maximum Conversions and Maximum Conversion Value bid strategies.
Advertisers can still use tCPA and tROAS, they will remain available, but optional fields.

Google will notify advertisers in advance before automatically switching their current tCPA and tROAS strategies to new fields. With the new configuration, you can still optimize your bets the same way.

The table below shows new settings that are equivalent to those you may already be using now.

Performance goal Current betting strategy Updated bid strategy
Maximum conversions within the set budget Maximum conversions

Maximum conversions

Target CPA

Additional target CPA Boost your conversions to your target CPA
Increase your conversion value within your budget Increase your conversion value

Increase your conversion value

Target ROI

Additional targeted ROI on advertising Boost your conversion value to your target ROI

While the change is actually a superficial tweak to the Google Ads interface, ignorance of it could lead advertisers to believe that tCPA and tROAS strategies are no longer available or work differently than they used to. In addition, it is important for advertisers to understand how each smart bidding strategy works so that they can choose the one that best suits their goals.


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