Safe Browsing will not be used as a Google ranking factor

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Safe Browsing is designed to keep users safe on the Internet. When problems arise, the user is sent a warning about malware, dangerous extensions, phishing, and potentially unsafe sites.

But sometimes sites become victims of hackers beyond the control of the site owners, and this can cause Safe Browsing warnings to appear.

As such, Safe Browsing will not be used as a ranking factor in the Page Experience update.

In addition, the following changes have taken place:

  • removed the Ad Experience widget to avoid showing the same information in two parts of Search Console. This will not affect the status of the page in any way;
  • the banner "No recent data" appeared in the reports of Core Web Vitals and Page Experience;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the message "HTTPS error" was displayed in the report when there was no data on Core Web Vitals.

Google also recalled that the implementation of the Page Experience will be fully completed by August 31, 2021.


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