Google Analysis 2021 July Core Update by Sistrix

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There are big losses among the sites in the YMYL theme. There are domains that lost their positions in both the June and July updates.

Thus, significant changes were observed for sites related to entertainment (celebrities, TV, lyrics). Resources on online dictionaries and translators are also covered.

Winners in both updates were harder to find, but Spotify was one of them.

Many sites that lost ground during the December 2020 Core Update have now regained them.

The automotive sector, which spans sales, finance, accessories, and other niches, has seen a lot of movement in both directions.

Spam Update had a big impact on the search results, but there is not enough data on the Page Experience update yet. However, things may still change after the completion of the update, Google will roll it out until the end of August.

The opinion of Sistrix specialists is unambiguous: resources that show users the best content will not suffer losses in the long term, because their goals and Google's are the same.


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