Ads Manager left 6 goals in ad campaigns

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Blog Meta for developers reported that the company is changing the way it creates new campaigns in Ads Manager. The number of goals will be reduced from 11 to 6.

Experts believe that the new approach will allow the creation of "Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences" (ODAX). New goals are better aligned with the results that the business is planning for the launch of advertising campaigns.

The updated list of goals looks like this:

  1. Recognition.
  2. Traffic.
  3. Engagement.
  4. Leads.
  5. Application promotion.
  6. Sales.

In addition, the Meta team has also visualized the correspondence between the goals from the old and the new list of goals in the Ads Manager. The process of launching ads will also become easier and adapted to the given campaign goal.

Image for news Meta 23.12.21

The new "Recognition" goal combines the previous "Brand Recognition" and "Reach" goals. The changes will mostly affect advertisers who use "Conversions," "Messages," and "Video Views" goals.


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