Traffic Arbitration: What you need to know

Today traffic arbitrage is more popular than ever. It represents a type of online business where traffic is bought with the goal of reselling it at a higher cost. A specialist’s profit in this case is the difference between what he spent on advertising and what he received from his employer. In this article, let’s examine what is casting traffic.

1. How does traffic arbitrage work?

It is accepted to distinguish three main types of traffic arbitrage:

  • direct – arbitrage traffic, which is purchased, directly goes to affiliate programs;
  • using a page of a landing page (this is the one-page page that purchases traffic, and then the link that leads visitors go to an affiliate page). Option advantageous because its data is easy to analyze using statistics from Google Analytics;
  • the combination of traffic – the landing page – email. First you have to go to the linking, then you have to register. This approach automatically generates a database of email addresses that will come in handy later.

The main skill of a traffic arbitrage specialist is both to analyze the raw data and to calculate the results of his actions, on which the effectiveness, the amount of profit directly depends. You’ll need an understanding of when and where it’s best to place ads, which target audience and niche it is designed for. In addition, you’ll need testing of different variations of text, images, design of webpages, the timing of user activity, etc.

The sources of traffic for the arbitrator can be:

  1. Direct search engine results.
  2. Contextual advertising in search results for specific queries.
  3. Targeted advertising in social networks. Will need to form an ad, choose its format of placement and configure it for a particular audience.
  4. Teaser networks: directories, forums, message boards, entertaining sites.
  5. E-mail newsletters.
  6. Natural banners, also called native teasers. This advertising is similar to the preview of the usual materials.
  7. Links in articles.
  8. Youtube and other video aggregators.

2. Low-quality traffic filter

It’s not enough to have a lot of purchased traffic to sell, you also need it to be targeted and impactful. That it’s cheap and obviously not of high quality can be suspected by the following signs:

  • the conversion rate is below 0,1%;
  • many clicks are from one IP-address;
  • transitions from one source to another are too fast;
  • suspicious activity is at night;
  • no long interval between clicks and target action (e.g. registration).

As a rule, there are two or three sides involved in traffic arbitration:

  • the arbitrator is the professional himself who redirects users;
  • the advertiser who finances the promotion of a product or service;
  • the representative of the affiliate program. The function of this participant is to be an intermediary, to monitor compliance with the agreements. In the presence of the participant will also receive a commission, that is, a percentage.

Working directly with the customers is quite difficult. The best way for the arbitrator to gain experience in a particular industry and to collect the cases on one subject is to distribute the traffic to 2-3 affiliate programs in several related topics.

According to the type of earnings in arbitrage, it is possible to allocate payment options:

  1. Fixed time of placement of ads on the site – CPT (Cost Per Time).
  2. Thousands of impressions – CPM (Cost Per Mille). Clicks and conversions are not important.
  3. Clicks – CPC (Cost Per Click).
  4. Each action – CPA (Cost Per Action).
  5. Installations – CPI (Cost per Install)
  6. According to the number of leads – CPL (Cost per lead).

Intermediary sites, which are called affiliate networks, are called CPA networks. They work according to the “pay per action” model.

3. Advantages of arbitrage for members

For each participant, there are different advantages in performing traffic arbitrage.  So, for an arbitration specialist, this work opens up the following opportunities:

  1. Income, the amount of which depends on him personally.
  2. Full independence and freedom of action.
  3. Free working schedule.
  4. Continuous development in several directions.
  5. Getting successful cases, which can become a profitable portfolio in the future.

The only minus, but, perhaps, weighty – the risk of their own finances. Yes, there is arbitrage traffic without investment 2022, but you need to plan your expenses as clearly and purposefully as possible, roughly imagining the result that will eventually be obtained.

As for the advertiser, it is a great investment in advertising for the following reasons:

  1. He can dictate terms in the contract that benefit the company.
  2. He won’t have to spend his own money on actions that won’t pay off. Payments will only be required for brought in, specific customers.
  3. Buying traffic is the fastest way to get customers.
  4. There is no need to think through your own advertising strategy, this is the task of the arbitrator. Since the hired specialist is interested in the number of leads, the deal with the arbitrator will be a good opportunity to delegate a lot of action.

4. Testing an offerer

Offers in arbitrage are products that need to be promoted with redirected traffic. It can be a product, a service or a subscription. The criterion that is most important is the competitiveness of the product. Before launching arbitrage, it is important to test advertising tools, which will allow you to choose the most effective one:

  • find out the region where the product is sure to be of interest to the buyer, assess the methods of delivery;
  • take into account whether the product will be available seasonally or permanently. The speed of possible earnings depends on this;
  • determine the source of traffic;
  • to create the necessary web site, creatives for social networking sites or advertising banners. You can get inspiration for creatives here:, Your social networking assistant will be;

Fig. 1 –

Fig. 2 –

  • select those options that are most profitable;
  • collect a maximum of data about the target audience;
  • pre-test the selected ads on prelends. These can be done with the help of the Tilda constructor.

Fig. 3 – Tilda

In addition, there are special trackers for arbitrage, which are very helpful in the work:, and

Fig. 4 –

Fig. 5 –

Fig. 6 –

So, traffic arbitrage is an attractive way of earning. But the expert must have a lot of knowledge and be able to navigate, changing the strategy on the fly. Arbitrator himself thinks about how to attract customers, for example:

  • attracts organic traffic from search;
  • sets up contextual advertising;
  • publishes advertising posts on social networks;
  • creates channels on YouTube;
  • buys advertising from opinion leaders.
  • writes sales ads.

Being engaged in traffic arbitrage, you will definitely not answer the question of how much you can earn with its help. But to understand the specifics, an expert needs to remember that:

  • this type of business offers no guarantees – money can both be earned and lost;
  • you need to invest your own money, the base amount of the budget can be approximately $500 and above;
  • the competition among contractors will be high, which means that changes in the ranking and search engine algorithm updates – topics that must be constantly monitored;
  • will have to accept the advertiser’s terms and conditions;
  • It is important to carefully monitor the possibility of being cheated. So, an unscrupulous advertiser may not pay the agreed amount, citing the quality of the traffic;
  • Black Arbitration is not considered as a legitimate form of income;
  • offerer, ads, traffic sources and target audience should work effectively together.

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