Head of Digital Day

On November 4, 2021 WebPromoExperts will host the Head of Digital Day online conference. Starts at 10:00.

From the top experts you will learn:

  • how to become a successful leader; 
  • how to expand your competencies
  • what skills and knowledge you need to make a breakthrough in your digital career, and grow into top positions and head of marketing!
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🏆 You will hear cases from representatives of companies: 

  • WebPromoExperts;
  • Fishki; 
  • Eldorado; 
  • Sigma Ukraine; 
  • Philip Morris International; 
  • Elfa;
  • Premier Hotels and Resorts and others.

Registration is at 👉 https://bit.ly/39XfejD 

On October 22 Netpeak is organizing the first specialized SEO conference — KEY Conference, about key topics of website search engine optimization for SEO specialists of different levels: https://netpeak.me/4pwm3J.

This is a conference by the Netpeak performance marketing agency, where we gather reports from SEO specialists of different companies to share experiences and cases through communication during the event. First of all, the event will be useful for junior, pre-middle and middle level SEOs. 

Speakers’ lineup for 2021: 

  • Vlad Morgun, SEO Team-lead at LUN and Flatfy;
  • Victoria Goloverda, Team Lead of SEO Team at Netpeak;
  • Daniel Ovcharenko, SEO Specialist at Depositphotos;
  • Alexey Matuzny, Senior SEO Specialist Enterprise Team at Netpeak;
  • Dmitry Mazuryan, Head of Tonti Laguna Bing;
  • Maxim Melnik, ASO Team Lead at Netpeak RadASO.
KEY Conference

The organizer of the conference is the performance marketing agency Netpeak. 

Date: 22 October

Format: webcast on YouTube

Cost: free, just fill out the registration form at https://netpeak.me/4pwm3J to participate in the conference.

The 6-th Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference will take place on November 3, it is the best offline party for all those who directs traffic to gambling and wants to meet the top affiliate-industry.

The event will bring together experts who know how to get quality traffic in the gambling niche. Speakers will tell about market trends, market outlook and the latest promotion tips for iGaming-platforms.

The program of the event is divided into four blocks: 

  • “Trends in the iGaming industry for 2022”; 
  • “Traffic; 
  • “SEO”; 
  • “Social networks”.

The event is organized by Smile-Expo, an international company.

This autumn at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2021 will present leading industry representatives who will analyze the recent changes in gambling niche, tell about the best channels to attract traffic, figure out effective approaches to promoting online casinos and betting shops.

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Nikita Petrenko will give a discount for those who are not willing to lose their budget and are interested in the successful promotion of online casinos and betting sites!

The offer is valid for only nine days: only from October 4 to October 12 inclusive, get a 40% discount when you buy tickets of “Business” category.

For more information and tickets look at affiliateconf.com.ua.

The main conference about SMM gathers everyone: beginners and pros, business and digital crowd, opinion leaders and Jedi in the shadows!

You can expect:

  • 5 thematic blocks;
  • 650 minutes of maximum advantage;
  • famous speakers: Vladimir Galika, Galina Kotova, Tatiana Mokrenko, Alexander Zubarev and others.

The speeches will conclude with a panel discussion in the main hall.

Topical topics of the presentations:

🎸 self-branding;

🎸 SMM for business;

🎸 targeting;

🎸 chatbots;

🎸 strategies and analytics;

🎸 working with Influencers;

🎸 cases and fakaps.

Two types of participation and two ticket prices are provided.

Online – tickets for 1900 UAH:

  1. Videos of all presentations.
  2. Speakers’ presentations.

Offline – 15 tickets at 2500 UAH 👉:  https://wow.link/pt71:

  1. Live Speakers Speeches.
  2. Tasty coffee breaks.
  3. Video recording and presentation of all reports.

Organizer: I-Marketing.ua project.

The conference will be held in Kiev, 7 minutes walk from the nearest metro station “Palats Sportu”, in the conference halls of the hotel “Rus”, 4, Gospitalnaya str.

More information here: smmrocks.ua.

On September 17, 2021, the XIV International Advertising and Marketing Festival Remarketing will take place in Kharkiv Palace Hotel. This is the largest business event in Eastern Ukraine.

The main purpose of the festival is to create a community for dialogue between professionals in various fields of marketing. The program and composition of the speakers of the festival changes every year and is formed in accordance with the current requirements of the marketing market and its effective specialists.

Every year the event is attended by more than 500 participants, including specialists in advertising, marketing, PR, design, as well as top creative directors and business owners.

During the 12 years of the festival’s existence, its speakers were foreign specialists from the USA, Germany, France, Canada, Slovenia, and Belarus. Among them were representatives of various global design and marketing companies:

  • Saachi & Saachi Ukraine;
  • Banda Agency;
  • HAVAS Worldwide Ukraine;
  • Advanter Group;
  • Ogilvy Ukraine;
  • BBDO Ukraine;
  • Leo Burnett Ukraine.

Creative partner XIV Remarketing is the largest independent agency in Ukraine TABASCO.

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The basis of this year’s concept of the event was the virality of emotions and impressions of the best brands for the consumer. To be number one, a brand must best embrace its marketing idea and concept, bring them to the most secret cellular structures of the body. An idea is a virus, and an organism where they enter is a society.

Remarketing Festival is a source of new ideas and creative solutions, it is a place of communication that can change the world of marketing and make it more effective.

The organizers assure that you should visit the festival if you:

● marketer, and your sales are too sterile;

● PR-manager, and no one picks up your press releases;

● advertiser, and your ideas have not infected anyone;

● brand manager, and your brand is not addictive;

● SMM-specialist, and your posts are not viral at all;

● a business owner who does not multiply in any way.

Remarketing is divided into two parts. The first – performances by headliners and talk shows. The second part – section lectures.

So pick up viral ideas on RE: RE: RE: REmarketing 2021! Tickets for XIV Remarketing are already on sale at: www.remarketing.in.ua.

The event will be held at: Kharkiv, Nezalezhnosti Ave., 2, Kharkiv Palace Hotel. Details by phone (095) 545 15 30.

The largest practical conference on promoting business in the information space. Papers are rigorously selected by an independent program committee, which includes leading industry experts as well as representatives of search engines.

Optimization allows participants to receive relevant and practical information for the development of their projects. The online conference will be held for 2 days, the broadcast is free.

The anniversary conference will open at 9:30 am. The program includes the following sections:

  • integrated promotion strategies;
  • analytics in SEO;
  • web site analytics;
  • Western SEO;
  • search engine marketing trends;
  • team interaction;
  • niche sites in e-commerce;
  • niche site promotion

and others.

Banner for the event Optimization-2021

On the final day, a round table with representatives of the search engines and the program committee will take place.

Global questions to be covered at the conference:

  1. How do you attract and retain customers by building their trust in your brand?
  2. How to assure search engines that it is your resource that is able to quickly and efficiently solve the user’s problem?
  3. What results can you achieve?

The Optimization broadcast will be recorded, and some video recordings of the reports will be selectively made publicly available on the YouTube channel. An offline party will also take place within the framework of the conference, where you can talk with speakers, experts, the program committee and business representatives.

On September 21, the third AI Conference Kyiv-2021 on the introduction of artificial intelligence into business will be held in the Kiev conference hall “Oasis”.

This conference is a platform where entrepreneurs and marketers will exchange ideas for the technological development of Ukrainian business. The event experts will share their knowledge and working cases on the impact of artificial intelligence on business. 7 hours of talks are waiting for you!

The organizer is the international company Smile-Expo.

AI Conference Kyiv-2021

Topics that AI developers will reveal at the AI ​​Conference:

  1. AI for corporate cybersecurity.
  1. Why is the creation of a data strategy for companies a top priority?
  1. AI in education. How does artificial intelligence help employers to train professionals focused on solving business problems?
  1. Application of AI in robotic systems of enterprises: functional improvement.
  1. A in finance and insurance: the best solutions and work cases.
  1. Cooperation between developers and the state: how can AI specialists contribute to digitalization in Ukraine?
  1. Development and implementation of monitoring systems with the function of computer vision.

During the panel discussion, visitors will be able to take part in a hot discussion on the topic “The concept of the development of artificial intelligence in Ukraine: prospects and opportunities for Ukrainian business.”

Speakers of AI Conference are already known:

  • Alexander Krakovetskiy – CEO at DevRain, co-founder and technical director of the DonorUA social startup. He will speak on the topic “Why is the creation of a data strategy for companies a priority task?”.
  • Alexander Fedotov is a marketer, business development director at Olshansky & Partners digital consulting agency. Will reveal the topic “Marketing 2025 is impossible without chatbots. What to prepare for today”.

By joining AI Conference Kyiv 2021, you’ll:

  • become part of the advanced technology community;
  • meet leading developers and potential clients to implement new AI solutions;
  • you will have time to take advantage of the advantageous early bird offer and purchase tickets at a reduced cost;
  • with a unique promo code AI_PR20 you will receive a 20% discount on the ticket.

Program updates and registration – on the official website.

Why this online conference is useful:

The date of the conference is September 8-9, 2021.

  1. Modern insights and tricks.
  2. Training with demonstration from leading experts.
  3. The result obtained in practice, right during the conference!

Speakers will present valuable educational materials that are not freely available. Partners will provide the use of their services as a gift.

The organizer of the conference is Digital Expert.

Event format:

  • online connection;
  • 12 hours of live broadcast with the best specialists;
  • more than 15 reports: advice, practical cases, recommendations and answers to questions.
Автоворонка продаж-2021. Как с помощью передовых digital-инструментов выстроить систему привлечения клиентов

Only here valuable gifts, educational materials and the opportunity to use useful services for free will be played live.

July 20 at 11:00 Kiev time.

Duration – 60 minutes.

Webinar abstracts:

1. How to analyze search results and competitors at the PRO level.

2. An integrated approach to niche analysis.

3. Key points – what we pay attention to when analyzing the issue.

4. Selecting the right competitors for analysis based on a general cut of the niche.

5. Detailed analysis of the link mass: from the type of links to the total required budget.

Speaker: Anton Reva – SEO at Boosta.

For many years he has worked with many niches in client-side SEO. At the moment, the main niches are:

  • Education;
  • Affiliates sites;
  • Product Author and Ideologist SiteChecker.

Registration here: https://bit.ly/seo-vydacha-i-konkurenty.

On June 16, Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference-2021 will take place, where affiliate marketing experts will discuss driving traffic to the gambling vertical.

The organizer of the event is the international company Smile-Expo.

The event will take place in the Oasis conference hall.

Experienced webmasters, founders of Lead Kitchen and Improve Team arbitration teams, experts from mr.fish, Beehiveor, Eterna Law, Jambling, SEO.Capital, BananzaAffiliates and others will speak at the event.

Visitors to Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2021 who will buy tickets of the “Business” or VIP categories by June 15 will receive prizes from KiAC 2021 media partners:

  1. Creative certificate in the form of a cup for the professional training of any type of text (except for the description of the main page) from WordFactory.
  2. 1 month access to Netpeak Spider PRO website audit tool from Netpeak Software.
  3. VIP access for 3 months to the CRM system from LP-CRM.
  4. VIP access for 1 year to the mobile landing page builder from LP-mobi;
  5. Certificate from the European Association for Software Engineering (EASE) to attend the FuckUp Night event about business mistakes as an engine of progress. The certificate is provided for two.

The winners of the drawing from the media partners will be announced during the conference.

The standard price is 6000 UAH.

Only until June 13 the cost of tickets for the “Business” category will be reduced by 40%.

To get a discount when registering for KiAC 2021 in a special window of the site, enter the promotional code from the conference speaker, co-founder of Beehiveor Viktor Komarenko: KOMARENKO.

The price with the promotional code KOMARENKO will be 3600 UAH.

Take advantage of the last opportunity to buy a ticket at a discounted price.

Event sponsors:

  • Alpha Affiliates affiliate program – Diamond Affiliate Sponsor KiAC-2021, operates in 38 foreign markets and provides regular payments for RevShare, CPA and Hybrid models;
  • top playground PokerMatch. Offers an excellent CPA offer;
  • WinAffiliates affiliate program – offers exclusive offers of the sites youwin.com, uwin.com and hepsibahis.com for promotion. Makes payments for RevShare and CPA models;
  • digital marketing agency Revpanda, which specializes in working in the gambling vertical.

Program and registration – on the website affiliateconf.com.ua.